Jessica's First Hat

Jessica (my beautiful daughter) learned to knit some years ago.  I probably tried to teach her too early on in life.  I probably stressed her out.  She gave a valiant effort – but there was no passion there.

Fastforward to YarnFest.  I’d really hoped she’d attend – and the plan was that she would the first night that we met together, but homework won out.  So, I was very happy when she was able to join us for our second gathering.  It was SO COOL that there were so many high school aged girls there.  It has been a dream of mine for some time now that there would be one day maybe, some mother/daughter opportunities to learn stuff like knitting, crocheting, maybe canning, cooking – whatever!

ANYWAY, Jessica attended the second gathering.  She started her hat.  It was – well – rough, to be honest.  But I was so proud of her and the effort she put in!  There were some other girls her age-ish there who also struggled a bit and left, I’m afraid, perhaps a bit discouraged.  A few days later I heard a report that Karissa (one of those who had struggled) had not only gotten help, but soared – starting, working through, and completing her first hat all in the course of the weekend!  WOW!  I was so impressed.  And so was Jessica – she was inspired by Karissa’s committment and success.  So much so, that she decided she should perservere as well.

Can I just interject here how incredibly proud I am of these young ladies?

Jessica’s first hat was on a kind of lighter weight fuzzy yarn.  When I first saw it a little red flag went up and I thought, “She’s gonna have a hard time with that.”  And sure enough, she did.  But she pressed on – correcting problems, and moving forward.  She took her knitting with her to school.  She took it with her in the car.  She worked on it pretty much every opportunity she could find.

Then came the day when the fact that there were so many issues with this first start that it really was going to be difficult to finish it came.  I finally forced myself to say the words, “Jess, I was worried about this yarn when I first saw you working with it.  Would you consider starting over with a yarn with a little more body?  With a true worsted?  I promise you it will go easier!”  And she was just fine with doing so.  In fact, she immediately went to my yarn bin, chose out some yarn, and set about casting on her stitches.

Have I mentioned I’m really proud of her yet?  🙂

That was Thursday.  Today is Sunday.  She finished it up early this evening – and even put a pom pom on top.

Isn’t it cute?

Okay – and just to be clear…  I am SO proud of ALL of the hats that have been completed thus far.   All that have been gathered are going to be delivered to Blanket Coverage downtown when soup and cornbread are delivered this week.  How cool is that?  If you finish up a hat in the coming days and weeks that you want to direct to Blanket Coverage, there is a Blanket Coverage box in the Lobby at church and you may leave them there.

And for those who might be interested in giving this hat a go – here’s a link to the pattern.