I’ve got to be honest – finding hat patterns for kids ages 5 to 7 has been a challenge!  I’m not letting it stump me – but dang – way not as easy as I expected it to be!

In my search, however, I’ve found a couple of notable options that I just had to share.  (Note – links open in a new window so that you can keep this window active while you browse.)

The Dead or Alive Fish Hat – this hat is hilarious – the author is truly admirable!  This is not the easiest hat the make – but it is perhaps the funnest I’ve seen in a LONG time!

Halfdome – Finding a nice – masculine looking – polished hat pattern can be a challenge, as well.  I really like this one and look forward to trying it out.  I really love that the designer (a very accomplished male knitter – hooray for him!) includes a child’s size dimension in the pattern!

I’m particularly fond of the Lion Brand Yarn site – they have TONS of free patterns – many of them appropriate for children – here’s a link to their Free Knitting Patterns.

Of course – a Google search for free child’s knit hat pattern with bring you thousands upon thousands of hits.  If you have the time to click through – it could be an interesting search.

After much more time at the computer than I will ever admit to my ankle surgeon, I stumbled upon this article and thought:  Eureka!  This is just what we need!  It’s a great snapshot at how to resize a hat pattern – so you can take pretty much ANY hat pattern (including the two we’ve already worked up!) and adjust it to the size you need.  Yes, math challenged girl here admits – it takes a little work to figure it out, but it’s not THAT hard.  I’m particularly fond of this very clear and concise Size Chart for Hats!

I’m working on resizing some patterns that I like for children and will be sure to upload them to the blog when I’ve got them written up, okay?

And don’t forget – knitting scarves is a total breeze!  I’ve got one that I just finished that I’ll share soon, and will begin adding patterns for some easy – but fun – patterns for children ages 5 to 7 for our Kazakh Orphange project.