I’ve got bins of yarn. Not just one. I know – there are people who have ROOMS of yarn. (I wouldn’t mind being one of those people, by the way! J) I work hard to make sure that every skein of yarn is wound beautifully into a lovely ball. When I have some leftovers, I tidy them up and put them in a bin.

So how does THIS happen? One big huge tangle of yarn – wool, cotton, nothing too terribly exotic. One day it was nice and neatly organized, then the other day when I went to hunt up some cotton for potholders – THIS!


I used to pride myself on my ability to detangle knotted up messes.

Used to.

Right now – frankly – I’m feeling a little overwhelmed!

So, I’ve got my work cut out for me. Yep – I’m sitting on the chaise when there are a few spare moments, and extracting part of the tangle, and working it out – and rewinding.

As you can see – I’m not making overwhelming proress!

Do you have any secrets to bin yarn storage? Cause if you do, I think I need to know them!