Phew! What a year! I simply can’t believe it’s nearly the end of October already! Wow!

Now that the weather has turned and people are starting to pull out their knitting and want something to work on.

Have I got an idea for you! It’s not mine, actually – it came from Pauline and Kathleen O. at church – and honestly, it’s brilliant!

Many of you know Nancy A. from church, and that she works for Hearthstone of Beaverton – a lovely retirement/assisted living facility in Beaverton. There are about sixty residents there – and Pauline and Kathleen thought it would be wonderful if we could gift them with hand crafted shawls, lap robes, wraps, or the like.

Isn’t that a wonderful idea?

Nancy has communicated to me that there will be a holiday gift exchange for the residents on December 11th, 2009 – wouldn’t it be great if we could gift each resident with a hand crafted item at that event?

I’ve been collecting patterns for consideration – and the possibilities are nearly endless. These can be as simple and basic as can be – or really complex and intricate. The great thing about this type of garment is that it really helps reinforce your skills, and maybe can even help you graduate to the next level of difficulty in your skill set.

Linda G. and I spoke yesterday, and we’re hoping to schedule some get togethers where we can help reinforce skills, teach those who weren’t able to join in previously how to knit and get them started, and connect with one another once again. I’ve got access to quite a few crochet patterns, as well – so if you’re wanting to focus your energy there, we can definitely get you moving in that direction! I’m so excited!

We’ll be putting together an email to send out to everyone in the next couple of days. It will include first meeting details – so keep an eye open for that!

I’ll put together a list of patterns to consider, too. So check back here soon to peruse through those soon.

Looking forward to getting together again soon!