It’s time to meet up again! Many have asked when we’ll get together again for a YarnFest gathering and we’ve got a date for you. We will be meeting Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 at 7:00 pm at Jo Reimer’s lovely home. Her contact information is in the church directory, and her email address is – it would be nice if you’d give either Jo or me a heads’ up if you plan on joining us. That way we know how many chairs to set up.

This meeting is a great opportunity refresh your memory if you learned how to knit or crochet last year and want to solidify that skill some. If you’re interested in starting out brand new as a knitter or crocheter – come and join us! We have experienced crafters who are happy to help you get established with either skill.

Please bring yarn and needles to Jo’s. If you have a pattern that you’re interested in starting, bring it along, as well. I will bring print offs of some of the projects we worked on last year as well. If you have questions on what supplies to bring, how to choose, or the like – give me a call, email me, or text me, okay?

Now – for the ministry opportunity!

Have I got an idea for you! It’s not mine, actually – it came from Pauline and Kathleen O. at church – and honestly, it’s brilliant!

Many of you know Nancy A. from church, and that she works for Hearthstone of Beaverton – a lovely retirement/assisted living facility in Beaverton. There are about sixty residents there – and Pauline and Kathleen thought it would be wonderful if we could gift them with hand crafted shawls, lap robes, wraps, or the like.

Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

Nancy has communicated to me that there will be a holiday gift exchange for the residents on December 11th, 2009 – wouldn’t it be great if we could gift each resident with a hand crafted item at that event?

Pauline and Kathleen have been hard at work and have the lap robes completed for the 12 gentlemen, but there are still 48 women whom we need to craft shawls or wraps for.

That gives us five weeks to get this project up, running, and wrapped up! Please join us! I’d like to collect everything on Sunday, December 6th – so that there’s enough lead time for coordinating what goes to whom.

I’ve been collecting patterns for consideration – and the possibilities are nearly endless. These can be as simple and basic as can be – or really complex and intricate. The great thing about this type of garment is that it really helps reinforce your skills, and maybe can even help you graduate to the next level of difficulty in your skill set if you choose to take that challenge.

This is also a GREAT opportunity to learn how to knit or crochet – this is the perfect type of project to get your feet wet with. It’s also a wonderful chance to venture out with a mother/daughter endeavor, as well. Earlier in the year when we first started out, we had girls as young as 8 years old not only picking up knitting – but mastering it! We had a few crocheters in there, too – and they did beautifully!

Linda G. and I spoke recently, and we’re hoping to schedule some get togethers in homes where we can help reinforce skills, teach those who weren’t able to join in previously how to knit or crochet and get them started, and connect with one another once again. I’ve got access to quite a few crochet patterns, as well – so if you’re wanting to focus your energy there, we can definitely get you moving in that direction! I’m so excited!

Right now – what we need is a place to meet. We have our first meeting scheduled for Jo’s of course, but it would be great if we could get a couple more get togethers on the calendar for the coming weeks. Is anyone willing to open their home for a group? It would be nice if we could arrange for two or three gatherings over the course of the next few weeks. If so – will you contact me at

Below are some web sites that give some patterns to consider. Don’t worry if you don’t understand how to read them – that’s why we’ll be getting together. Pay more attention to the rating on the pattern – is it rated for a Beginner? Someone with a little more experience? An expert? And, of course, look at the picture of the item – you want to choose something you’ll enjoy making.

Pat P. and I spoke about this project, as well – and she recommended a pattern that would be excellent for ANYONE at any level of knitting. It happens to be a free download from Lion Brand Yarns – and knits up so quickly. Here’s the link:

It’s a very simple garter stitch on a large size needle – it nearly flies off your needles, it’s so easy to knit. I’ve got one on needles right now – and the lovely open texture the large sized needles give is luscious.

If you’d like to make this pattern – you’ll need Size 11 knitting needles. You can purchase either straight needles or circulars. I like knitting this on circulars – so that’s what I’m using. You’ll also need about 370 yards of yarn. Lion Brand recommends Homespun – it’s a bulky yarn in an acrylic/polyester mix. I’m happier to work with natural fibers – so I’m knitting it with just some regular worsted weight Cascade wool. Our favorite local yarn store is The Knitting Bee – you can see their web site here: (they’re located in Bethany, right at the 185th & West Union intersection). They’ve got a list of their newly arrived yarns on their web page. If you’ve never been – stopping by The Knitting Bee is a must. They have supported us (the YarnFest group) significantly in the past, and if you shop around, you’ll find that their prices are excellent. They also offer a truly lovely array of yarn choices in just about every fiber imaginable. They are GREAT about helping shoppers find exactly what they need – regardless of skill or experience level.

We do still have some yarn that was donated for projects. Unfortunately, it typically is single skein amounts of colors/types – which wouldn’t work so well with this project. If you have or know of someone who has yarn that could be donated to our project, we’d gladly accept it. Keep in mind that the recipients are older ladies with sensitive skin – so we’re going for the SOFT factor on the yarn!

Looking forward to partnering in ministry with you, and getting together soon!


Dina McBride

Cell: 503-887-6147 (I text!)


Pattern ideas:    

Alabaster Shawl – Knit/Beginner

Allegro Shawl – Knit/Intermediate

Ashford Shawl – Knit/Easy

Autumn Comfort Prayer Shawl – Knit/Easy

Broome Street Shawl – Knit/Easy

Comfort Shawl – Knit/Beginner

Concerto Shawl – Crochet/Experienced

Country Club Shawl – Knit/Easy

Crescendo Shawl – Knit/Intermediate

Crochet Shawl – Crochet/Beginner

Crystal Lake Shawl – Knit/Easy+

Elegant Comfort Shawl – Crochet/Easy

Fantasy Shawl – Crochet/Moderate

Have it Your Way Shawl – Crochet/Easy

Kinetic Shawl – Knit/Intermediate

Simply Sublime Shawl – Crochet/Easy

Sonata Shawl – Knit/Intermediate

Then & Now Shawl – Crochet/Intermediate

Wheelchair Wrap – Crochet/Beginner

Wilshire Shawl – Crochet/Intermediate