Hello everyone,

Tuesday several of you were asking about my knitting needles & other questions so here are the links I was talking about:

Knit Picks needles:  www.knitpicks.com

Ravelry knit and crochet community:  ravelry.com.  On this site you can search on your yarn name and there will be lists of people who have used this yarn for projects.  You can see what it looks like made up by real people, and many of the patterns are free to download.  Also, if you have a pattern & can’t find the yarn (or afford it!) you can do a search on the pattern and find projects people have done and find one with yarn available in a store near you at a price you can afford.  Wonderful site!  You also can list your projects as a helpful tool to yourself and others.  You have to create a profile in order to use the site, but they don’t sell their lists, and you will not get spam as a result of using Ravelry.

Have fun!


Linda T.