Hey friends!

Just wanted to let you know that there will be a YarnFest get together Monday Night, November 23rd at Karen Hunter’s home at 7:00 pm.

Karen’s contact info can be found in the church directory. If you don’t have access to the church directory – email, text, or phone me, okay? (Dina – dinacmcb@comcast.net, 503-887-6147 – cell).

Bring along your own project to work on, or join us on working on the Ministry Focus (Hearthstone). (Details are on the blog.) Or, if you want to learn a new skill – come on over, and we’ll do our best to get you mastering it! If you have a friend who wants to learn – bring your friend!

Can you do me a favor and spread the word? My computer is sitting in pieces on my desk – it’s a sad, horrible story – my email list is in that computer, and it’s been a really crazy week, so I’ve had a hard time trying to recreate it (from memory!).

If you can, RSVP to Karen or myself so we know how many chairs to have set up, okay? Also – just for future reference – we’ve got another date scheduled at Linda Taylor’s house – Friday, December 4th. Make sure to check here at the blog – the Events tab at the top of the page – for any scheduled events, okay?

Looking forward to seeing you soon! J