Hey friends!

Just wanted to let you know that there will be a YarnFest get together Friday Night, December 4th at Linda Taylor’s home at 7:00 pm.

Linda’s contact info can be found in the church directory. If you don’t have access to the church directory – email, text, or phone me, okay? (Dina – dinacmcb@comcast.net, 503-887-6147 – cell).

Bring along your own project to work on, or join us on working on the Ministry Focus (Hearthstone or Faith Cafe). Or, if you want to learn a new skill – come on over, and we’ll do our best to get you mastering it! If you have a friend who wants to learn – bring your friend!

For those that haven’t heard – one of the small groups from church have been planning to gift hats or scarves to the folks who vist Faith Cafe when they serve there next.  Yvonne Carter and Joan Anderson are spearheading this, and could really use some help.  They still need between 40 and 50 items – either hats or scarves.  They have TONS of items for women – but would really like some help getting some men’s and/or children’s items crafted in time for their deadline.  They need to receive everything by Sunday, December 13th.  Both Yvonne’s and Joan’s contact information is in the church directory.  If you have questions about this project – give them a call, okay?

And just a reminder:  if you are crafting fo one of our ministry focuses (i.e., Hearthstone and Faith Cafe at the present time) we have quite a lot of donated yarn that you are free to use fr those projects.  Just get in touch with me and I’ll arrange a way for you to get access to it.  I always bring it all to the various YarnFest get togethers, too – so we can always catch up there.

Can you do me a favor and spread the word about all of this? My computer is STILL sitting in pieces on my desk – it’s a sad, horrible story.  They say another 2 to 3 weeks before my replacement computer arrives – please Lord – sooner would be deeply appreciated!

If you can, RSVP to Linda or myself so we know how many chairs to have set upFriday night, go ahead and let us know, okay? Also – just for future reference – we’d love to get another date scheduled – if you’ like to host – just say the word!  🙂

Looking forward to seeing you soon!



PS – if you have an idea for our next ministry focus – just say the word, okay?