On Friday, December 11th the residents at Hearthstone were given the gifts of lap robes, wraps, and shawls that YarnFest and Klickety Stix ladies crafted for them.

Not only was there enough for everyone to receive an item – there was one left over! I’m hoping that Nancy will be able to pass it along to a new resident at some time in the future.

Here are some excerpts from responses to our gifts to the residents from Friday after the party:

From Nancy: I’ll try to catch up with each one of you personally but I want you to know what a huge success the gift-giving was tonight.  People were blown away by the work you did in preparing these gifts and the residents of Hearthstone LOVED what they received.  And the staff is saying this was the best Christmas Party they have ever had!

At the end of the singing, I told the crowd the story of Kathleen’s offer to make a gift for each resident, my thinking she would back down when I told her the number 52, and her response – saying she still wanted to do it.  There was rapt attention in the room and then ooh’s and ah’s as my “elves” passed them out.

Rose was blown away with her aqua cape and when the party was over, Dona was doing her walking through the hallway with her pink cape over her shoulders.  She said she loved it, it was so nice and warm and she couldn’t believe so many were made.  She said to say thank you.

Many of the residents said they wanted to know who the women were who made them so you’ll have to come visit sometime.  And the staff thinks we should try to take a group picture so you can see the happy results.  We’ll work on that.  I was so busy at the party that I didn’t get even one picture but others were snapping photos and I’ll try to get some copies.

So, on behalf of Hearthstone, many, many, many thanks.  You are heroes in their eyes and God is glorified by your sacrifice of time and service.

Another message received Sunday evening:

Please pass on the many thanks I am receiving from Hearthstone residents for their shawls, capes, etc.  They ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM and the recurrent comment is, “They are so warm.  I wear it all the time!”  At dinner tonight (I was there for an entertaining group), several had their capes on.  Dona wore her bright dusty-rose colored cape all day with a multi-colored skirt that contained the same pink color.  She looked gorgeous.  It was her birthday today and the cape is what she chose to wear – and she always dresses so well.

Another lady, Laura, wearer of the dark, forest-green cape, wrote a note to me and you:  “Dear Nancy, What a great party we were given!!!  Will you please thank all those taking part from your church?  The songs and singers, and pianist were appreciated so very much by my family and me.  The Klickety Sticks and YarnFest Ladies outdid themselves by their work and kindness in their gifts for each resident of Hearthstone. ”

Here’s a thank you card from Wilma:  “Thanks for the many hours of klicking your sticks.  The wrap you made is just perfect for me.”

Others have said they want to write notes and I assured them I would pass on the messages.  What a night.  I wish you all could have been there to see it!  But I think the best part is watching them wear the wraps and love the warmth it brings them.

Nancy M. says, “Thank you so much for the beautiful shawl.  It was so thoughtful and I’ll use it often.  Happy Holidays!  Nancy” (This is a resident named Nancy.)

Mary Jane:  “Thanks for the beautiful shawl.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated.”

Melissa:  “Thank you so very much for your kindness.”

Ladies – thank you so much for each stitch crafted. God is glorified by your heart of generosity as well as the sacrifice of time and effort.

For His Kingdom – and His glory alone!

May He bless each and every one of you richly!