DBNY – The Best Deals On The Best Yarn., The best deals on the best yarn. Period.

I read a number of pretty cool knitting blogs.  The week has been nutty and I’ve been really behind on reading.

I had just a few minutes this evening to try and skim through a couple and ran across one that was extolling the virtues of a new favorite yarn store.

I love yarn.

Better yet, the author was extolling the virtues of what amazing bargains that could be found at this online yarn store.

I love yarn on sale better than maybe anything!

So I went to look – and well, she was right – this place is great!  What amazing deals!

I’m working on putting together the last minute details of a new focus for this coming fall – and having some resources for great deals on yarn will certainly be handy!

Hope you enjoy perusing this site!