Last November or December – when I was about knee-deep in my year of illness, hospitalizations, procedures, and surgeries – I had occasion to meet Lisa Mentesana, the Title X Homeless/Social Support Liaison for the Beaverton School District (BSD).

If you attend Cedar Mill Bible Church you may remember the presentation that was done at that time – shortly before Christmas. It was either shortly before we wrapped up our YarnFest knitting focus for Hearthstone in Beaverton, or shortly after. (Sorry – being sick for so long has really done a number on my memory!)

It was explained to us at that time that there were nearly 900 homeless students – ages 5 to 18 – in the Beaverton School District. We learned that a homeless student:

“…includes any child or youth living in shared housing with friends or families due to economic hardship, temporary foster care, motels or hotels, campgrounds, inadequate trailer homes, substandard housing, cars, abandoned buildings, parks, streets, public spaces, shelters (including shelters for emergencies, domestic violence, youth and transitional housing), and unaccompanied youth without parents or guardians.”

Whatever the timing, I just remember the light bulb going on and having my “ah ha” moment – KNOWING – that crafting for the homeless students of Beaverton School District was exactly what I was called to do. I knew I – well, we – needed to craft one item for each of those homeless students.

In the last several months as I’ve been s-l-o-w-l-y healing up and moving on with life, this project has been BIG on my heart. God is not letting me ignore this. HE is nudging me in a big way to get this going and to do it well.

In June the official tally for homeless students in the Beaverton School District was 1,617.

That’s a lot of kids.

That’s a big project.

Gotta do it.

Can’t do it alone.

Will you join me?

If so – here’s The Plan.

If you want to join in – will you email me, or leave a comment here, or call me – my phone number is in the church directory. Okay? Okay!


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