Creative Crochet is hosting a Work In Progress Wednesday blog hop.

What a great way to keep an eye on our BSD Project and how things are coming along!

Here’s what I’ve got on needles:

It’s Koolhaas a really cool beanie, designed by one of my favorite designers – Jared Flood. (Who, incidentally, is from the Pacific NW and is often in Portland. I heard a rumor that he’ll be back this winter to teach at Knit Purl at some point in time!) I’ve just transitioned from the circular needles to the DPNs, and should be able to wrap this hat up tomorrow today – while waiting for William to get out of his surgery at Shriner’s. Don’t worry – I’ll go prepared to start knitting something else up! Heaven forbid I get caught somewhere without something to knit! 🙂

Okay – so how about you? Whatcha working on? Have you got something for the BSD project on needles? If so – leave a comment here, and consider heading over to Creative Crochet and joining in on the blog hop!