So – as I mentioned previously – I talked to someone, who knew someone, who thought I ought to tell someone about the BSD Project idea and how in previous projects one of the things that prevented some people from participating was the fact that they simply couldn’t afford to buy yarn.

Hey – I so get that.

That is SO my reality!

In the past, different amazing AND wonderful members of our group of knitters have delved in and divested themselves of their stash yarn – sometimes a little bit painfully – for the good of the cause. There really is nothing quite so beautiful as community, is there?

Anyway… I talked to someone, and they talked to someone else, who in turn urged me to email a few yarn companies and tell them about The Plan – and well, then THIS happened:

The crazy, big-hearted, super-generous, gracious, and just all around fabulous folks at The Brown Sheep Company asked if we could use some yarn that wasn’t quite perfect in the dye lot.

Are you kidding?! Thought I, who cares about dye lot in single skein projects?

And so they said they’d send me some blue yarn.

Imagine my surprise when a large box arrived on my doorstep.

Large Box.

37 skeins of yarn in said box.

19 skeins of blue

18 skeins of pink.

Nice yarn.

Lots of yarn.

200 yards per skein.

That’s about a bazillion hats in that box of yarn. Roughly half a bazillion scarves. Could make some pretty awesome mittens or gloves, too. Oh – and socks. Wouldn’t this make great socks?

How cool is that?

Want to join me in saying thank you to The Brown Sheep Company?

Buy their yarn!

You can find it locally at The Knitting Bee and Knit Purl, as well as Yarn Garden and Northwest Wools.

So – you ready to get started?

Need some yarn?

I got some yarn!

Just waiting for you to put it to good use!

Thank you nice people at The Brown Sheep Company!

You’re awesome!