It’s W.I.P. Wednesday over at Kristine’s Creative Crochet. It’s a great little blog hop – and great opportunity to show what Works In Progress you’ve got going on – and I like to show what’s been accomplished, too.

So – here goes!

First – remember this? My WIP from last week?

Well – I got it done – hooray!

Wish I had a hat form to set it on – the detail at the top is so pretty. But this skein on top of a cone will have to do! Once again – Jared Flood’s designs rock.

Next – remember the yarn I won? How I felt something lacey coming on? Here’s what I’ve got going…

I think I’ll be able to easily get a nice scarf and beret of matching lace pattern out of this skein. It’s knitting up so beautifully.

I also cast on a headband – a free pattern that I found over at Knitty (one of my all time fave web sites – even if it is the slowest loading page on the planet!) – it’s called Nakiska.

I think it’ll go really fast – like finish it up on lunch break at work over the course of a couple of days fast. Love those little cool projects!

And, I also previously finished up another hat – also a Jared Flood design – called Habitat, using some odds and ends of yarn I had in my yarn bin:

Sigh… I love cable work.

Okay – so that’s it for this week. Don’t expect so much to get accomplished by next Wednesday, though. I’m working pretty much every day this week, and I’ve been canning – so knitting is just stolen snatches as I can find them.

So, my tally for the BSD Project so far?

Hats: 2

Okay – so what are you working on?