A very large box – that weighed quite a lot – arrived today.

It came from Sundara.

Oh – Sundara – you are an amazing and talented woman!

As the boys were helping me unpack the box, they kept saying things like, “Wow, look at that color!” and “That’s really cool. Look at this.”

My teenaged boys.

Impressed with yarn.


I’ll be smiling about that for a while.

You gotta admit – they’re right on.

What’s not to love here, right?

Sundara – you’re such a blessing! These 90 skeins of scrumptious yarn will be in hands right away – with our goal of one item for the 1600+ homeless students of the Beaverton School District far more attainable because of your generosity.

What a privilege to get to play with this lovely yarn!

Bless you!