I’m not going to lie.

I adore getting boxes of yarn delivered to my door.

BIG boxes of yarn delivered to my door.


People are wonderful, aren’t they?

I had the great privilege of meeting Valerie of Mountain Meadow Wool Mill (seriously – click that link – coolest company!) who was so on board with our BSD Project. She was so gracious to offer some education (more on that in a future post – it’s great stuff and deserves it’s own space!) – and was the inspiration behind the “let’s teach kids how to care for hand-crafted items” push. And then she sent this HUGE box of amazing yarn which arrived on my doorstep just moments ago. And then this note…

Thank you for this project and I hope it is greatly successful. Your knitters are heroes to me.

I couldn’t agree with her more! The crafters who have jumped on board to support this project are heroes. What a privilege to get to work with so many amazing people!

…and yarn! 🙂

Thanks Valerie! You and Mountain Meadow Wool Mill are a huge encouragement to my soul!