Do you read PDXKnitterati? Michele is SO cool.

She’s pretty famous, too.

Seriously – she designs. And she’s really nice. And well – kindhearted, too.

She was kind enough to make my trip to the mailbox very happy today! (Not just overwhelming due to medical bills! LOL!)

How sweet is that?

A beautiful hat and a sweet encouraging card.

Thank you, Michele!

Lindsey at Yarnia was kind enough to feature us today, too! 🙂

And here’s my basket of FO’s thus far:

Oh – and I finally finished another Habitat – it’s in Malabrigo single ply Worsted Merino in the Lettuce colorway:

It’s so pretty.

The color is lucious. (Sorry – my camera is old and on it’s last leg – color is not coming through all that well here.)

It’s so soft.

But I hated working with the yarn.

How weird is that?!

I dunno – it was kind of abrasive? I just don’t know how to explain it. It was such a frustrating knit! I usually blow through Habitat in a day. This time? A week! I had to force myself to go back to it. I had to frog it three times, too. I dunno – I’m blaming it on the yarn!

And to be fair – I adore other renditions of Malabrigo. This one? Not so much.

And – to end on a happy note:

Preach it, sister!

AMEN! (You know “amen” means “so be it” – right?!)