I wish you could all meet Rose.

She’s fabulous.

And she’s enthusiastically jumped on board with the BSD Project and after a number of years of not having knit much, picked up her needles and has plowed full steam ahead.

She makes me smile.

I feel quite honored to have made her acquaintance, as well as begin a very wonderful friendship with her. I feel fairly sure she’ll be at the November 12th get together – if you come for no other reason – come to meet Rose. Your life with be richer for having met her!


Rose has been super conscientious about using our yarn resources responsibly. I took her some of the Happy Knits donation yarn – some really lovely Nashua Shenandoah in Aqua. She knit up Winter Slouch (found on Ravelry) – wow. Sublime. Seriously – truly gorgeous. Being the very intelligent woman she is, Rose thought she’d like to use the balance of the yarn (it took 1 and a bit of a 2nd skein for the hat, of 3 skeins) to knit up a scarf.

Yesterday, at our Get Together, Rose was working on her scarf when she realized she was coming to the end of her yarn available – and her scarf was much shorter than she’d like. We realized we were out of this particular yarn.

We’d just been talking with Jo about mobius cowls and how popular cowls are right now. We looked at one another and Jo said to Rose, “You should turn it into a mobius!”

Rose, who is a great sport, happily agreed to do just that. Once it was all together, we were all quite delighted with her results:

Model – The Lovely Alayna


So pleased, we decided it would be quite nice to write this pattern down and be able to reproduce it.

The great part about this pattern? You could pretty much use any yarn, any weight, any two-sided pattern or texture, and any size needle, at nearly any gauge and come out with a lovely end result.

Without further ado, here is

Rose’s Mobius Cowl

Skill Level: Beginner


  • 2 skeins Nashua Shenandoah in Aqua (approximately 130 yards)
  • 1 pair size US #8 knitting needles
  • 1 extra size US #8 knitting needle


  • Garter stitch: k every row
  • Stockinette stitch: k each RS row, p each WS row
  • 3 Needle Bind-Off: Holding 2 needles with live stitches so that points of both needles are facing to the right, take the 3rd knitting needle and insert tip into the first stitches of the two needles with live stitches. K both stitches together. Repeat. Take first stitch and pass over second stitch. Repeat until all stitches are worked and bound off.


CO 30 stitches.

Row 1 (RS) and 6 following rolls: K each row (garter stitch).

Rows 7 through 10: St st

Rows 11 and following: garter stitch

K until piece measures 30 inches from the CO edge.

Keep stitches live on knitting needle.

With your second needle, pick up 30 stitches on the CO edge, making sure the point of your knitting needles are pointing in opposite directions.

Holding your work flat, pick up the knitting needle on the CO edge and turn over once. Both knitting needles should be pointing in the same direction now. Work a 3 needle bind off. Weave in ends.

Figure 1 Mobius Strip


CO cast on
k knit
p purl
rep repeat(s)
RS right side
st(s) stitch(es)
St st Stockinette stitch
WS wrong side

Find this pattern on Ravelry