Great news!

We’ve got some “official” drop off locations for finished objects (FOs) for the BSD Project!

Here we go…

Cedar Mill Bible Church Church Office. Important clarification here. The church office is NOT at the actual church building. If you go to the church building, no promises you’ll find anyone there willing to take FOs and get them to the right location. Okay? So go to the Church Office. If you click on that church office hyperlink (it’s underlined back there in that paragraph a couple of times – just click on it and it’ll take you to the Cedar Mill Bible Church “Contact Us” page) you’ll see a map with directions to the church. That map has multiple tabs – click on the one for Church Office.

Maybe easier – here’s a little map, too:

If you know where Home Depot on Murray in Cedar Mill is, you can find it!

The phone number there is 503-646-3156 and the office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Nice option, right?

For Yarn’s Sake in Beaverton -in Beaverton Town Square (kinda kitty corner from Buffalo Wild Wings) has also graciously offered to be a collection site.

Owner, Anne Lindquist, has also mentioned she’ll soon reinstate the weekly Charity Knitting time. It looks like the time to meet will be Friday’s from 4:30 to 5:30 pm – it’d be great to meet up there and knit together, wouldn’t it?! I’ll let you know for sure if that’s a go, okay?

Dublin Bay Knitting Company in the Pearl District will not only accept completed items, they’ll also give the crafter a 10% Off Discount coupon for a future visit for their effort! How cool is that?

The Knitting Bee has also graciously offered to be a collection point! (Oh my goodness! Did you see they have the Addi Bamboo Clicks in?! Focus, Dina!) You can find The Knitting Bee at:

And the lovely ladies at Twisted have also agreed to be a collection point. (Did you know we’ve got a WHOLE BUNCH of SE Portland knitters and crocheters on board with us? They just make me smile.) Anyway, Twisted has also offered a 10% discount for those who are purchasing materials for the BSD Project at the store! Nice, huh?! Here’s a map to Twisted:

And – of course – if you just can’t make it out to any of these locations – let me know! We’ll arrange to meet up somewhere, okay? 🙂