It’s W.I.P. Wednesday over at Kristine’s Creative Crochet. It’s a great little blog hop – and great opportunity to show what Works In Progress you’ve got going on – and I like to show what’s been accomplished, too.

So – here goes!

Yep. It’s true. I missed last week. So I’ve got some catching up to do.

Can you believe it? I’ve only gotten one hat done in the past two weeks. Of course, I had to frog it like 3 times. UGH! I will admit – it’s lovely, squishy, soft, fabulous, now that it’s done. But when it was a WIP I was about to throw it out the window! But :sigh: – how can you not love Jared Flood’s designs? (This one is Habitat.)

WIP’s – those I have!

First – a beanie I’m designing – yet to be officially named.

It’s in a lovely Sundara with purple-ish hues. My camera is a little lame – sorry – it just doesn’t pick up the color all that well, sadly. Should be interesting to see how this comes out. When I’ve got it done I’ll type up the pattern and post it here.

I’ve also cast on for Rose’s Mobius Cowl in some of the lovely Mountain Meadow Wool in sport weight; I think it’s called Cody.

I decided to try it in a lighter weight yarn – simply because this wool was calling to me. Every time I’d walk past it I had to touch it. It’s so gorgeous. And, I thought it would be interesting to try it in a larger size needle, so I’m using a 10.5. We’ll see how it all works out.

I also decided to cast on for one of the Barn Raising Squares. You can read more about that here. Here’s my progress thus far…

I must confess… I don’t own any size 2 dpns, so I’m using size 3. And, I had a little bit of that lovely Sundara worsted weight in Route 66 colorway, and thought I’d try it in that. I think it would be better in a sport or sock weight, as is called for in the pattern – but this is okay.

I will say, not in love with this design. It’s okay and all – but dunno – still looking for something that will just fly off needles as I’m doing something else – you know, waiting in a doctor’s office, or riding in the car, or sitting in church, or watching a little TV with the boys. Something that is intuitive, beautiful, and well – kinda fun.

And lastly, I’ve got the balance of the Malabrigo that I used for the Habitat hat above cast on for a simple garter square.

Strangely enough, it’s just fine to work with in this application. Not so much for that hat (above)! Why – I just can’t tell you. But – I think it will make some fun garter squares – nice and soft and squishy, and a total breeze to blow through. This I’m working on a size 10.5 needle. I don’t own long 10.5’s, so dpns are lovely for this – plus – well, are you like me? Do the long needles just seem awkward after you’ve crossed over to circulars? They do to me. I find myself giving away my long straight needles and longing for a complete set of dpns in every size known to man! Oh, and circulars, too! LOL! (Yes, I have made mention to the love of my life that in lieu of any other gifts, he should check out my KnitPicks wish list! 🙂 – as any responsible wife ought!)

So my personal BSD Tally…

5 hats

1 headband

1 mobius – still on needles

2 squares – still on needles

I better go get this hat finished up. I got a lot of knitting to do!

So how about you – what have you got on needles?