After you get a basic item figured out, do you ever feel like you want to spread your wings a little?

Throw a little jazz in?

This, my friends, is when you need some resources!

Hence, the Resources heading – above.

If you hover your cursor over that heading, you’ll get a drop down list. It includes:

Free Patterns!

How Do I?

Knitting Blogs

Let’s say you want to knit a basic cowl – like Rose’s Mobius Cowl. However, rather than knit this in garter stitch, you decide you’d like to change up the texture a bit. Something with a little more depth.

If it were me, I’d head over to one of the online Stitchionaries. My favorites?

    Lion Brand Stitch Finder

    Vogue Knitting Stitchionary

Looking around a bit, I find a nice, simple – but beautiful – moss stitch pattern:

Wouldn’t that look lovely on the cowl?

The instructions are clear, concise, and absolutely doable.

Great resource, huh?!


You find yourself with a lovely skein of Cascade Yarns Cash Vero and want a pattern that will use somewhere in the neighborhood of just shy of 200 yards.

Where do I go?

Ravelry, of course!

Click on the Patterns tab.

Once you’re on that page, you’ll see a hyperlink that reads “Use the pattern browser & advance search

This, my friends, is probably one of the best features on the web!

On the left hand side of the page I can choose options that I prefer…

I’m going to choose yardage for 1 to 150 and then type in cash vero in the search box at the top of the page. Here’s the result I get:

Cool, huh?

And, of course, subscribing to knitting blogs provides no end of fun, community, ideas, free and for purchase patterns, and excellent information!

Got any great insider tips you’re willing to share?