You remember our project, right?

Beaverton School District Project – as in Beaverton, Oregon.

Didja know that folks from outside of Beaverton are helping out?

Today I got a package in the mail from Lori – all the way from New York City(!!), with this gorgeous hat in it!

Isn’t it great?!

And this – a box all the way from West Virginia – with EIGHTEEN hats in it! Thanks Mary Ellen! Dang, girlfriend! You’re amazing!

Not only that – on Friday, when I went to For Yarn’s Sake for our Charity Knitting group – they had two bags full of great FO’s for me to bring home:

Sheri made FOURTEEN pairs of these great, comfy, stretchy slippers!

And there were 13 gorgeous scarves:

Check out that crazy twirly one. It’s so cute! Okay – they all are! If I were a kid having to choose – well, it wouldn’t be easy!

And 7 hats – here are few – one of which I know Rebecca knit. (Who did the others? Can you comment and let me know? I don’t have to know, of course, but it’s pretty cool to know what to connect to who.)

Amazing, right?!

So – if you can, start dropping your FO’s off at the various locations that have agreed to receive items!

If you’re on Ravelry, tag your items with BSD and/or YarnFest and they’ll show up in our Group. (It’s such a cool feature!) Or – you can up load pictures to our Facebook Group. There’s a photo album there just for that purpose! 🙂

If you can – join us on November 12th – I’ll bring all of the FO’s I’ve gathered by that time and we’ll re-count to make sure our tally is spot on.

And… keep knitting and crocheting and whatever else it is you’re doing! Did you know it’s only 6 more weeks until Thanksgiving?

I’ve got 103 FO’s here at the house. There are 120 crafters that I know of for sure. If each one of us completed 13 items – well – we’d be all done! 🙂 Seems pretty doable when you break it down that way, huh?