You know… the kind that includes a computer that requires shutting down – for days – I know! It shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Ummm… I confess it right here, right now – it is in my world!

…the kind that includes doctor’s appointments for kids, unexpected call in to work (for a pretty busy day), chickens getting eaten by coyotes, meetings, family dinners, and – well – life happening fast and furious!

Not a bad week.

Just a nutty week.

The kind of week when you I need a reminder that it’s not all about you me.

That was this week.

Here – let me share a few of those reminders with you. (Just a warning – grab your Kleenex – I’m not gonna lie. I’ve shed a few tears of wonder and was happy I had a Kleenex close by.)

[Oh – and let me apologize – I try not to make super long posts – but – well, this one is gonna have to be ’cause of all of the pictures.]

I’m starting to really love getting the mail.

Melinda – from Tennessee – sent these two hats and a stunning entrelac cowl. Entrelac cowl, people! GORGEOUS! What a perfect way to apply entrelac. I’m so loving this!

Same day, fibernymph from Ravelry – sent this box with 14 great hats all the way from Pennsylvania! Gifted, isn’t she?

Do you go to a knitting/crocheting group somewhere? Can I just tell you – the group that meets Wednesday nights at Whole Foods in Tanasborne are amazing? They seriously rock my world.

See what they gave me Wednesday night?

Does that ruffle scarf sing to you like it does to pretty much everyone I’ve watched meet it? Crazy beautiful!

Hats, and scarves, and cowls, and shawls, and headbands…

Will you join me for a moment to just ooh and aah over this cowl?

Yes, you do just want to pet it. It’s crazy soft and silky and scrunchy. Some high school girl is going to be beyond thrilled with this, don’t you think?

Rebecca’s one-day shawl. It wraps up around the neck like a gorgeous hug.

Another one of Rebecca’s creations – a great cowl with ridges. It’s mohair and Sundara held together throughout. Truly lovely.

92 FO’s made their way to my house this week.

How cool is that?

Apparently – not cool enough, because that’s not all that found its way to my house this week.

The incredibly kind folks at Denise sent needles and cables for when we transition to teaching kids how to knit and/or crochet.

Do you have a Denise kit?

I do – as you can see – it’s seen a few miles…

This is actually my second Denise kit. My first one I got in 1980-something. I still have bits and pieces of it running around – so cool that they work interchangeably with this newer kit.

See what they sent?

About $400 (retail value) worth of needles and cables.

I am so going to love being able to give these to a kid who wants to learn how to knit. To be able to smile into his or her eyes and say, “Yes, you can keep them! They’re yours!”


Yesterday – just as I was heading out the door to a family birthday dinner a rather large box appeared on my doorstep.

It had this label on the outside:

I seriously nearly fainted.

I opened it up and what should I find inside?

10 skeins of Pico-Accuardi awesomeness…

Yes, that says 50% baby alpaca 50% merino.

Yes – exquisite.

But then – this:


Lots and lots of needles!

TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY pairs of breathtaking needles.


Over $3000 worth of knitting needles.

To give away to homeless kids who want to learn how to knit.

Another Kleenex?

Yeah – me, too.

Okay – so I’m feeling pretty humbled.


God’s goodness – WOW.

The amazing generosity of people. Time. Giftedness. Resources. All of it.

The incredible bigheartedness of companies like Denise, Pico-Accuardi, and Lantern Moon. Well – and all of the others who have given so amazingly generously to the BSD Project.

Well – and downright thankful to have a little role in all of this.

I’ve got a few minutes before I’ve got my next item on the calendar – wonder how many rows I can get knit in the beanie I’m working on?