Are you watching the status bar over there to the right?

The one with the title, “1,617 Items By Thanksgiving”?

A week ago it said, “103 items turned in!”



You know – you are wonderful! You know that, right?!

Here I thought the tally from earlier in the week was where it would end for the week – but nooo….

When I dropped in to join the ladies for our Charity Knitting circle at For Yarn’s Sake in Beaverton (every Friday from 4:30 to 5:30 pm – join us this Friday if you can, okay?) I was thrilled to leave with quite a few bags full of FO’s! Anne has knit the cutest purses and bags – adorable! She also had completed the coolest pair of men’s fingerless mitts – my boys confirmed just how cool they were. Sheri has crocheted five more pairs of her wonderful slippers -for a grand total of 19 pair so far! (The woman is amazing!) Rose and Lois have been knitting full speed ahead (turning in many hats and scarves), and in their spare time this week (which I’m still trying to figure out how they have any after all they’ve gotten accomplished!) they put together some fleece scarves and two fleece blankets!

Then today – Joyce – amazing, wonderful, talented, generous, kind, and as sweet as they come Joyce brought 72 hats that she knit, and 32 scarves that she put together over.



Joyce – you inspire me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


On Friday, what should arrive on my doorstep?

A very large box from the very generous folks at Skacel. (Yes, the folks we all love for bringing the world Addi Clicks!)

30 pairs of size 19 wooden needles.

And 30 skeins of the super chunky Big Ball yarn in natural, tan, and red.

SO cool.

Perfect stuff to have in reserve for when we get ready to teach kids to knit, right?!

So – pretty cool weekend, not gonna lie!

Thanks so much everyone!