My friend Peggy is going to Thailand for an extended visit. Well – it’s a working visit. She and her husband, Ron, are going to be helping teach girls and young women who are destined for the sex trade practical skills that can help them avoid being essentially “sold” into human trafficking. (She’ll be blogging about their trip – which begins in a week – highlighting their experiences. BTW – can you just join me in saying – Ron and Peggy ARE SO COOL!)

She mentioned that maybe her spinning wheel may need a babysitter while she was gone.

I *might* have jumped up and down and waved wildly and yelled, “Me! Me! Pick ME!”

Guess what came to stay today!

Yes – Peggy’s lovely spinning wheel!

Isn’t it pretty?

As it so happens, Knit Purl had a little “Introduction to Spinning” workshop on Saturday and I went!

Timely, huh?

And so – Peggy took a little time today to introduce me to her spinning wheel, and after things had quieted down a bit a couple of hours later I sat down and made some yarn.

Just a little bit of yarn – and far from perfect – but yarn nonetheless.

I feel so proud!