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Just a tad more than 2 weeks left of this first push of the BSD Project – working together to provide one hand-crafted item for each of the homeless students of the Beaverton School District.

As of this afternoon: 492 completed items have been turned in.

Nearly every single day of the week someone new joins our effort.

That makes me smile.

It’s not too late to meet our goal.

Can one person do it?

Absolutely not.

And – someone was reminding me of this recently – it’s really not about expediency, right?

It’s about being intentional.

It’s about stepping outside of the realm of convenient and taking a little bit of time and effort and sacrificing some of your talent – whether your skill is hours-ago acquired (Betty!) or decades-ago acquired.

It’s about taking the time and effort to craft something that you’d want to give to someone you love, honor, and care deeply about – and making the choice to give it away to someone you’ve never met.

It’s the kind of crazy thing that Jesus did all the time.

He just loved on people – didn’t matter if they met society’s expectations, or had everything – or nothing. He just stopped and was willing to connect.

THAT is my motivation. HE is my motivation.

Yeah – I know and have known kids who have been homeless students. Some of them were impossible NOT to love. Some of them were – honestly – a little hard to love. (And if we’re gonna talk really honestly here – the fact that they were hard to love had everything to do with the fact that they’d been dumped on left and right more times than you or I could probably imagine. Hard to blame them.)

You know – pretty much just like you and me.

So – if I could say anything to you right now it would be this:

Don’t give up!

Don’t stop!

Stay the course!

I need you!

I believe absolutely, positively, without a doubt that we can meet the goal.

What if we each completed 2 more items per week in the next two weeks?

If I focus – if I’m intentional – I could easily do that – maybe even do twice that number.

How about you?

Need some inspiration?

Take a peek at the new page I just put up BSD Project Pix. It’s got a slideshow of pictures of some of the FO’s that have been turned in. It’ll make you smile.

If you have items that are completed and just need turned in – please – can you get them turned in? If you’re mailing – email me at dinacmcb@comcast.net or phone or text me for my address, okay?

Or – stop by any of the wonderful LYSs that have offered to be drop-off locations. See the list here.

Also – don’t forget about the opportunities to meet up this week. Here they are once again:

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 – Westside Wednesday Sip N Stitch at Whole Foods in Tanasborne from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Friday, November 12th, 2010 – THREE different opportunities to get together:

1:00 to 3:00 pm – YarnFest Gathering at Cedar Mill Bible Church. See the flyer here.

4:30 to 5:30 pm – For Yarn’s Sake Charity Knitting Group.

7:00 to 9:00 pm – repeat of the 1:00 pm YarnFest Gathering at Cedar Mill Bible Church.

And -next Monday will be another great opportunity if you have children ages 6 and under and you’d like to give them a chance to play while you sit, sip your coffee, and knit and/or crochet (and talk with other Moms and keep your sanity intact!):

Monday, November 15th, 2010 – Indoor Playground at Cedar Mill Bible Church (12208 NW Cornell Road, Portland 97229) from 9:00 am to 11:30 am; we meet in the church lobby. Children ages 6 and under welcome to attend. Questions? Phone or text me at 503-887-6147.

I will be at all of these events this week – so – if you need yarn – let me know and I’ll bring some for you. If you need to turn in completed items – bring ’em and I’ll be happy to collect them! Want to learn to knit or crochet? Just say the word and I’ll be glad to teach you. (I can bring you yarn and patterns – let me know what you’d like to make first, and I’ll let you know what size knitting needles or crochet hook to bring.)

Okay – so can I just say it again?


You bless me so much!

Thanks for catching the vision and partnering together to make this happen.

I feel pretty sure that you make God smile, too.