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As you may – or may not – remember, the BSD Project is a multi-phase project.

Seemed not all that long ago that Thanksgiving – the deadline for the first phase of the project – was waaay off in the future, and there was no real need to rush. Funny how time flies!

Well – here it is, not much more than 24 hours until Thanksgiving, and I’ve heard from a lot of people that they don’t want to stop. They’ve found purpose and passion for the work that they’ve been doing to hand-craft items for the homeless students of the Beaverton School District.

Good news!

While Phase 1 may be ending – Phase 2 is about to kick in!

Don’t get me wrong – don’t quit on Phase 1 yet! It’s not quite over yet! Keep going! BUT – don’t be sad. We have more work ahead of us – and YOU are a vital part of it!

So – since it’s been a while – and there have been so many comments and questions related to this – I wanted to reiterate the Phases of the BSD Project here – now. Okay?

Phase 1:  small items (hats, scarves, fingerless mittens/gloves, mittens/gloves, socks, slippers) crafted until Thanksgiving.  These items will be distributed at established points of contact with the homeless student population.  (i.e., food pantries, transitional housing, etc.).  I will not “close the door” on this one until points of contact have been exhausted and all items distributed.

Phase 2:  crafting squares to put together “crazy quilts.”  I.e., small-ish blankets that can have squares of any size, color, texture, natural fiber – knit or crochet – that will be pieced together and distributed to the homeless student population.  This will ease into focus post-Thanksgiving and conceivably continue through the end of the school year.

Phase 3:  teaching recipients of the hand-crafted items how to hand-wash.  This is a life skill that will serve anyone well for life – but is particularly useful to a kid who may or may not have regular access to laundry facilities.  A sink, a capful of dish soap or shampoo, and a place to hang or lay flat an item over night is all that’s needed.  The hope is to teach kids how to do this at the point of distribution of items from Phase 1.  A small flyer will likely be distributed with the items.

Phase 4:  teaching any kids who would like to learn how to knit and crochet.  We will provide them needles, hooks, yarn, and patterns.

Phase 5:  through the remainder of the school year – continue to funnel items to the BSD Community Closet – where any kid in need can gain access.

So – relax!

Let out a deep breath. Roll those shoulders. Stretch your neck to the right… then to the left… Okay – relax those shoulders.

It’s okay.

We’re not gonna forget these kids are HERE – in our community – and we can do something to bless them tangibly.

I don’t know about you – but I’m getting excited about Phase 2.

I’ve been studying my stitchionaries and patterns for knit and crochet crazy quilt patterns.

This is going to be so cool!

And a great opportunity to learn new texture, pattern, and technique for us!

I’ll post more on Friday about the parameters for these squares.

So – if I don’t get a chance to tell you before then – have an amazing Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget to count your blessings, okay?

I don’t know about you – but this project has reminded me more times that I can probably adequately ever communicate just how immensely blessed I am…

…to have met so many of you!

…to have had the great privilege to work with yarn companies and suppliers.

…to have partnered with the various agencies around town.

…to have been able to knit with fibers I could never dream of being able to afford!

…to have been able to form better/deeper relationships with our local yarn stores.

…to have had the great privilege of getting to teach so many how to knit and/or crochet!

…just to name a few!


And most of all – I am so thankful to God – who saw past the year of illness last year – my feelings of utter uselessness – and breathed this crazy vision to my heart – that one day I might have a small part in an effort to bless some of “the least of these.”

What an honor and privilege to be His child!