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Last week I sent out a rather last minute desperate plea for some help.

Two very lovely ladies responded in quick order. Vi, from church – whom I’ve known virtually my entire life; and Anahi, a new friend – with a great sense of style! They helped me get everything pulled together for that First Delivery to the Beaverton School District. I honestly don’t know how this could have happened without their superb assistance!

When Vi arrived, she brought in several bags. She said, “I crochet in the evenings. Do you want some afghans for the BSD Project?”



9 lovely afghans…

Vi – you are amazing and wonderful, girlfriend!

Then, Saturday I got a phone call from Vivian, also from church. She asked, “Could you use a couple of quilts for the BSD Project?”


You better believe it!

So – counting the blankets that came in earlier during Phase I, the total on donated blankets is SIXTEEN! Already! How cool is that?

I’m also thankful for the fabulous crew at the Sunset High School e=k/c2 Club (knitting and crochet club). I was privileged to get to meet them last Wednesday at their after school club meeting – and they’re excited to join us as we craft for the BSD Project. They’ve been kind enough to allow me to become a bit of an honorary member of their club – and I gotta be honest – I love hanging out with them! They’re GREAT!

In fact, I left the meeting today with 3 squares for Phase 2 that 3 members had crafted:

And 8 hats and four scarves that they’d completed!


And… today I got an email that read:

Your blog post (https://yarnfest.wordpress.com/2010/12/05/first-delivery/) will be featured in The Oregonian on Saturday, Dec. 11. It will be featured as the “blog of the week” in the West Metro Community News section that publishes each Saturday.

 Please feel free to let your friends know.

Tom Maurer
Bureau Chief
West Metro
The Oregonian

 Can you join me in saying:



This morning my car looked like this:

Before I headed back over to drop some items off to Lisa at the Beaverton School District.

Have I mentioned that there’s nothing quite so humbling as being allowed the great privilege of getting to deliver the amazing things that YOU helped craft for Lisa to be able to distribute to those in the direst need?

If not – let me say it right here, right now.

It’s an honor to work with you.

I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

So yeah – I’m feeling pretty thankful.