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What a winter!

Did you get that sore-throat-scratchy-cough-ears-hurt-really-bad thing in December?

I did.

Did you get that horrible upper-respiratory-cough-stuffed-up-nose-sinus-headache-wretched-cold thing in January?

I did.

Did you end up getting Influenza A in February?

I did.


I’ve been a bad blogger.

I’ve been knitting.

A bit.

Not as much as I wished I’d knit since the last time I posted here – but as much as I’ve been able.

Besides all of that – life has continued to be life. My daughter came home from college in Boston for Christmas (hooray!), both of the boys ended up getting sick a couple of times each, basketball season was in high gear, I’ve been trying to find some ways to make some extra money with some of my jewelry making (haven’t been many hours from work for months now), been doing some winter-time canning, trying to plan out the garden, and I’ve got baby chicks in the coop.

In the midst of all of that, I was interviewed in December for a Dateline episode – about a part of my life that is filled with all sorts of heartache. The episode aired February 4th. I always dread these things. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you just want to weep – all over again – every time it comes to the forefront of the media. I will invariably get an email (or five) from someone who will lay blame for the entire thing at my feet. We could talk about that for a while – but suffice it to say that long ago I came to a point in time where I had to lay it all down at the feet of Jesus and ask for His forgiveness, grace, and mercy. So – as the airing of the episode wrapped on the East Coast I started getting Facebook, Ravelry, Blog, and email inquiries from people.

Know what they wanted to know?

Where did I get the pattern for the blue wrap I’m wearing in the segment?

How can you not love knitters?

Thank you for making what was a difficult thing something studded with all sorts of beauty – lovely people taking the time to voice their support.

What resulted was a whole slew (like over a couple hundred) of conversations with some really lovely people – who wanted to know if they could have the pattern for my wrap.

Well – um… see, that’s the wrap I made with the yarn I won from Lion Brand in 2009, and then I was so sick for the rest of 2009 and a good portion of 2010 – and I just started knitting during one of my hospitalizations – and well – that’s how the wrap came about.

So – I immediately went back to my notes (thank you Lord for notes!) and I re-created the pattern, and just when I was picking up steam on getting it all put together – I got sick – again.

To all of you who have been waiting.


I’ve nearly got it ready.

Gotta connect with my lovely model once I get the new piece finished, soaked, and blocked – and then get it all typed up the rest of the way, photos taken, and THEN I’ll get it posted.

AND – YES the BSD Project continues on! People are continuing to turn items in – some great squares, and hats, and scarves, and some adorable socks came clear across the country (thank you!) from someone who saw the Dateline piece.

In between illnesses I’ve had the distinct pleasure of visiting several Beaverton Schools to knit and crochet with kids – some who are learning for the first time, some who are trying to solidify their skills, and others who have had a thing or two to teach me! 🙂 Honestly – this part – the time with the kids – oh, it floats my boat in so many ways. There is nothing quite so precious as that sudden look of victory on a kid’s face as they realize “I get it! Wait! I really get it!” It just makes my heart soar! Special thanks to Bryn at Aloha-Huber, and the ever-precious, amazing, fabulous, and all around wonderful Rose – who has faithfully arrived at the Knitting Club at Aloha-Huber to patiently, lovingly assist kids with homework and their knitting at least weekly – oftentimes twice weekly.

So – I’m going to do better.

I’ve heard from several folks that I really need to get my act together and get some more square patterns posted.

I shall.

Really. I will! 🙂

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

I think I’m back.

And I’m determined to be sick no more! (Oh, please Lord! Gosh, I miss my spleen!)

Expect another post soon! 🙂