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Did you know that it’s the 2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week?

It’s true.

Today’s theme? A Tale of Two Yarns.

The suggestion is to highlight a yarn you love and one – not so much.

Know what?

Didn’t even have to think a second before I knew exactly what those fibers would be!

My love affair? Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

I would have never known if not for the very generous donation by Berroco for the BSD Project. Such nice people. I got to knit up quite a few items in this lovely fiber for the Project and it delights my heart no small amount to know some homeless student out there is wearing those hats and fingerless gloves knit up in it.

Hands down – without a doubt – total pleasure to knit with. Got a gift certificate for my birthday in December to The Knitting Bee. Yeah. Probably not much of a guess what I bought with that $20! Two skeins of Ultra Alpaca! One in navy blue, one in charcoal. :sigh: Love, I tell you.

Why? Well – for one – it just feels fabulous on your hands. If you’ve never worked with alpaca – drop everything and go buy yourself some of this stuff.

The stitch definition is stellar with Ultra Alpaca, as well. I love doing complex stitch patterns with it – but to be completely honest – it’s just as lovely in straight stockinette.

I won’t lie – given a chunk of change that I could blow on anything – you’d probably find me trying to decide just exactly what color I’d want to knit myself a sweater up out of Ultra Alpaca. It’s pretty much a toss up between…

Turquoise Mix
(…detect any theme here? Me? Love blue? What are you talking about?)
Admiral Mix
Blue Violet
Rose Spice
Fuscia, and


[And just because I’m a little bit of a rebel, I’ll add one more fiber love here…. Kertzer’s Super 10 Cotton. OH. MY. WORD. I, for the most part, hate working with cotton. Not this stuff. It’s almost satiny – it just flies when you work with it. The colors – stunning. I mean, hello?! They have more than 100 colors! My firm conviction is that everyone ought to have a little bit of this in their stash – just because!]

The fiber I don’t love so much?

I feel kinda bad saying it – because it really is pretty – it’s just that I pretty much have hated knitting with it every single time I’ve cast on with it. Like – detested. Not just kind of hated.

Malabrigo Single Ply Merino Worsted.


I knit it up in a number of applications – I mean they were sweet enough to donate to the BSD Project. Sweethearts. Total and complete dolls.

Why did I hate it?

Well – maybe because I chose pretty complicated patterns – I don’t know. But you know how single ply felts to itself – like immediately? Well – yeah – you don’t want to have to tink or frog anything when using this fiber. And normally that’s not a real big problem for me – but with every single time I cast this stuff on? Yeah – you guessed it – had to – at best – tink a good chunk, or at worst – frog. UGH!

Don’t get me wrong – finished projects were beautiful – maybe even stunning. The coloration of the fiber – drop dead gorgeous. The soft factor? Luscious. Would I want to wear any of the items I knit up for the BSD Project in this fiber? Absolutely – lovely end result. Will I ever rush right out and buy myself some? Ummm…. yeah, I don’t think so.

I would however LOVE to give some Rios a run through these hands! Have you seen the colors? Jaw dropping, drool-inducing in nature. If I had to choose? Hmmm….

Azul Profundo
Purple Mystery

…and, I’m not a red kinda gal – but how can you not love that Ravelry Red? YUM!

Yeah – some Rios – I would decidedly run right out and buy a bunch, given the opportunity!

So how about you? What are your loves and not-so-loves?