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I got an email from someone the other day who asked, “Is the BSD Project still happening?”

I hung my head in shame and then replied, “Yes, I’ve just been a *really* bad leader. There was the scheduled surgery in October, which had to be postponed because of my husband’s emergency eye surgery and recovery, and then the holidays, and then my rescheduled surgery in January, and working full-time, and a kid with pneumonia….”

It’s been a crazy year.

But – to answer the question a little more succinctly:


We continue on!

Rose asked me a few months ago, “How long will BSD Project live on?”

I said, “Until there are no more homeless students in the Beaverton School District.”

I don’t have to even ponder that – it’s an automatic response.

The things I ponder are how to squeeze time into my crazy-now-full-time-working-wife-and-mother life to do things like get important announcements out. (Like – I have yarn – lots of wonderful yarn – thanks to the fabulous folks at Happy Knits and some really generous individuals who thought of us when they de-stashed – that’s just waiting for willing hands to craft it into something lovely for our BSD Homeless and CEY students and their children!) Or, update this woefully neglected blog. Or make it out to knit nights that I love so much and inspire me to no end.


I’m so inadequate.


I have a roof over my head.

I have a job.

I’ve been blessed beyond compare!

And – I love knitting.

Do you see the new header on the blog? It’s on the FB group cover photo, too. Bryn, our extraordinary co-crafter who is also a counselor at one of the local Beaverton schools, snapped this beautiful photo. Kindergartener Natasha Hernandez (with a bit of spelling help from Bryn) expressed her thoughts about her newly acquired skill courtesy of the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G work Bryn is doing with her recess knit and crochet option, and afterschool knit/crochet club. ONE HUNDRED KIDS have taken part in the recess option! Twenty kids are a regular part of the afterschool group! These kids are grades Kindergarten through 8th grades. How crazy awesome is that?! It makes me smile until my face hurts! J

So – it’s time for me to try and do a better job of getting my act together and getting important information communicated here! (Which in turn, posts to our YarnFest: BSD Project Facebook page – hooray!)

So – how about you? You willing to continue on with the effort? Got friends you think who might want to join in? The more the merrier, really.

Take a peek at this info provided by Lisa Mentesana of the Beaverton School District – from the March update:

March 8, 2012 1516
March 8, 2011 1300
March 8, 2010 1211
March 3, 2009 791
March 8, 2008 737

Isn’t not getting any better, is it?

I can’t be silent.

I can’t do nothing.

I can take what little I have to offer and give.

What’s needed?

Obviously – it’s not the dead of winter – but it was a chilly 35 degrees in my yard this morning. What if you’re a homeless kid sleeping in a car, or in a shelter, or in a tent in the woods – what would help keep you warmer? A nice hat. A scarf. Some gloves, fingerless mittens, some socks, some slippers. Small stuff – they often have to be able to carry everything they own with them.

And let’s not forget the Continuing Education for Young Parents school that we’re supporting as well. These young ladies need nearly everything for the babies they are due to deliver or the babies, toddlers, and young children already in their care. Layettes are needed. Baby hats, sweaters, booties, blankets – you name it. I actually have some great yarn here that would make some fabulous baby items – let me know if I need to get it into your hands!


So that’s what’s up. Let’s not forget, okay? Let’s continue on!