How do I….

One of the best things about knitting meeting the internet is the plethora of great resrouces out there that can help you learn technique – everything from casting on to binding off, stitch patterns, etc.

Here are some resources that may prove to be helpful to you.  Knitting – Cast-On Methods

Annie’s Attic – Stitching Guides:  Basic stitches, binding off, decreasing, increasing, yarning over, etc.

Craft Cookie – Free Knitting Stitch Library:  Categories include knit & purl stitches, rib stitches, cables and twist stitches, eyelet and lace.

Judy Becker’s Magic Cast-On tutorial.

Knitting Tutorial for Beginners 1 – Video:  How to tie a slip knot and casting on.

Knitting Tutorial for Beginners 2 – Video:  How to knit, how to bind off.

Knitting Tutorial for Beginners 3 – Video:  How to weave in ends.

Knitting Tutorial for Beginners 4 – Video:  How to purl.

Knitting tutorial for Beginners 5 – Video:  How to join yarn.

Knitting tutorial for Beginners 6 – Video:  Joining squares.

Knitting tutorial for Beginners 7 – Video:  Stockinette stitch.

Knitting tutorial for Beginners 8 – Video:  Garter stitch.

Knitting tutorial for Beginners 10 – Video:  Dropping a stitch.

Knitting tutorial for Beginners 11 – Video:  Ripping back.

Knitting tutorial for Beginners 12 – Video:  Adding stitches unintentionally.

KnitPicks – Tutorials:   From cast on to bind off and everything in between.  Over 150 tutorials included!

Knitty – Techniques with Theresa – cast-on methods

Lion Brand Yarn:  Stitch Finder (knit and crochet!)

NexStitch: Stylish Crochet – patterns and great video tutorials galore!

Stitch Diva – Tutorials

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary:  Knit & Purl

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary:  Cables

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary:  Colorwork


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